Late: Thanksgiving ’08 – Thursday

I told myself like a million times not to be in love with you but it seems to be a million times harder that what it seems to be. Like you told me nothing is impossible, I tried to believe that and reminded myself every now and then it comes to me to tell you first how I feel. But it just proves to me that impossible is possible. It is impossible not to fall for you. There’s this love bug inside of me that I’ve been keeping for sometime now. I couldn’t possible get rid off. I’ve waited long enough for us to get along and eventually be friends, sharing whatever it is that we find amusing enough to share with each other. In laughter, I conceled whatever it is I have inside of me that goes being “more that friends”. I wanted you to buy me that book but I couldn’t tell you so, cause you might actually get my point. You’re smart enough in almost everything but in people’s feelings, you’re bad, bad enough not to know you’re someone else for me. But at least you are sensitive enough to make me stay since the “sweet november”. I don’t wanna lose you this time around. I already lose you when you thought of me as some crappy-push-over. I don’t care how long will it take for us to be in some state. I wanted you to know you are not just some random. I am changing for you, for us not to lose what we have right now which is already extra special for me, though, JUST FRIENDS.

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