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Spilled Milk

Did I really love you?
How come losing you was easy?
How come breaking up with you went so smooth?
How come tears don’t come down?
Where are they?
Have you dried my eyes all up before you go?
so that when its time for you to say goodbye they’d be ready?
Where is the pain they had all been crazy about?
Have you absorbed them all up for me to be safe and sound by this time?
I was just as how when I haven’t met you yet.
Have I really given you the best of me? Or you just had the smallest part of it?
Who’s unfair now? Was it you or me?
You, for being untruthful, or me for not feeling the pain I suppose to be feeling by now?
I believe I don’t hate you but Im not certain If I love you.
My mind just went completely blank after all,
so I guess I didn’t really love you.
I was just in love with the idea of being in love.


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