I found this in my cabinet, wrote it a few months ago

Awake  for approximately 15 hours. Work from night till morning. 8 hours passed by so fast. I thought of you the whole time. How you had turned to hate me. This hurt I’ve been keeping will soon kill me. Will soon eat me. No pride left. DAGA AT IPIS NALANG ANG NATIRA. I am not sure if you are happy right now. What I am certain is you are hoping, hoping so bad that your dreams, impossible as it can be will come  true. Me, out of the plan. Me, out of the picture and even out of your world. Just the three of you. There’s no one to comfort me here. No one cared. No one dare to ask or even give a tap. Fragile as I can be. I stood on top the shelf, will soon jump and break me. The “me” that risked it all but will now come the fall. VERTIGO. I tried to talk it out. I tried to elbow my way up to you, only to find out you were not there on top…

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